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Another incredible read, I totally loved Jack and Lauren's story!

— Kate @Kate_theBookLover

The perfect recipe for a feel-good rural read. Fun, heartfelt and absolute treat.

Bestselling author, Alissa Callen

From interviewing local flower growers to receiving blue ribbons for her baking at the Show, Lauren Bickford knows her genuine love for her small town community is a big advantage in her ambition to become the presenter at the local Penwarra radio station. But is it enough to outweigh the series of on-air stuff ups that have plagued her career?


No stranger to this small winegrowing region in South Australia’s Limestone Coast, Jack Crossley is the new cop in town. He’s traded his city beat for a slower pace, and as a former local, knows only too well that mischief can lurk around every quiet corner. 


For Jack and Lauren, the course of true love is not running smoothly.  Can he restore order in the town before the neighbourhood watch vigilantes take justice into their own hands? Or are Jack’s biggest worries much closer to home? Can Lauren’s reporting remain impartial as her attraction to Jack grows? Or will her family’s advice lead her completely astray?


Featuring Penwarra’s 100th Show, a one-eyed goat and a galah named Gary, Wallaby Lane is a complete delight from one of Australia’s favourite rural romance writers.

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