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I wish it was double the length! It was such a lovely slice of Australian country life, complete with a trailer load of polka dotted calves and prawns on a barbie.

— Anna's Books

A moving, heartfelt story of love, hard work and family.

— Helen, Family Saga BlogSpot

A brilliant follow-up... I could have stayed within the pages of Angie and Rob's story forever! It's everything I expected and more. Insight into rural living, the challenges of living through a home renovation, balancing the tight-rope of parenting and in-laws, community living.

Talking Aussie Books Podcast

Moving, entertaining and charming, with its focus on relationships and family... a wonderful story.


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Between managing a bustling beauty salon, hectic volunteer commitments and the lion's share of parenting two-year-old Claudia, Angie McIntyre barely has time to turn around. And with each passing month, she feels her relationship with fly-in, fly-out boyfriend Rob Jones slipping through her fingers. When Rob faces retrenchment, and the most fabulous fixer-upper comes onto the market, Angie knows it will be the perfect project to draw their little family together. 


The weatherboard cottage is as charming as it is derelict, with established fruit trees, enough room for Angie's dream garden and wide, open spaces for young Claudia. Having handled an unexpected pregnancy with relative ease, Angie and Rob think they're up for the challenge of renovating. There's just one catch; the 200-acre property is right next door to Rob's parents in south-west Victoria. 


It doesn't take long for rising tensions to set a wedge between the hard-working couple. Instead of drawing them closer together, Angie and Rob have to find out the hard way whether their grand design will be the very thing that tears them apart.

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