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Blue ribbon yo-yo biscuits

This recipe was given to me by my neighbour Heather, and has won both of us blue ribbons at the local baking show.

Photo by @BookishBron

170g butter, softened 4 tablespoons of icing sugar 1.5c plain flour 5 tablespoons custard powder - Preheat oven to 180 degrees (or 160 fan forced). - Cream butter and icing sugar until light and fluffy. Add sifted flour and custard powder. - Mix well.  - Roll teaspoons of mixture into small balls, place on greased or lined trays. - Push down with a fork. - Bake 10-15 mins until golden. Cool well before icing. - Match up similar sizes and sandwich together with stiff icing made from icing sugar, a teaspoon of melted butter and water.

Tip #1- If mixture seems too dry after all ingredients are combined, or you're overly generous in your dry ingredient measurements, just mix in a little melted butter until dough is moist enough to form a ball. Tip #2 - For show events, I weigh the dough so the biscuits are uniformly 14 grams, and pipe the icing onto the biscuit. For home I just dab the icing on with a spoon and nobody dares complain! Tip #3 - Dip fork in water to stop it sticking to the dough

Tip #4 - I like to change it up by adding a little passionfruit pulp or pink food colouring (and sometimes both) to the icing. Gives them a super fancy look and taste! Serve with love.


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