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Nicole Flockton

Texas-based romance writer, Nicole Flockton, writes contemporary novels in the living room of her Houston home. A former Perth resident, Nicole is a USA Today Bestselling author with 32 books to her name and a proud member of both the American and Australian romance writers’ associations. Before becoming a full-time author, Nicole worked as an executive assistant and now devotes her time to writing, raising a family, volunteering at her children’s school, reading and watching sports.

Nicole’s latest book Blind Date Bet was released by Tule Publishing on January 22 and is the first in her new ‘Man’s Best Friend’ series. Blind Date Bet features primary school teacher Isabella Knowles and military K-9 handler, Ethan Masters. After growing up in a military family and losing her husband in a training accident, Isabella is wary of trusting her heart to a soldier. Ethan’s looking for love and a family but with a promotion on offer and a career he loves, he knows sacrifice is needed to win Isabella over. This was my first time reading a military-themed romance and I liked the way Nicole used a German Shepherd to bring the main characters together. I also enjoyed the scenes from Isabella and Ethan’s date on a river cruise through the Texan city of San Antonio, which took me right back to my own travelling days.


Short and sweet questions Current book on your bedside table: Can’t say because I’m reading a RITA book (an entry in the annual US romance writing contest). Favourite Australian holiday destination: Going back home to Perth from Houston What’s your preferred drop? Coke. Guilty pleasure? Nothing is guilty if it brings you pleasure Pet peeve: People who don’t use their indicators (no one really uses them here in Houston) Favourite fictional couple and why? Ridge and Brooke from The Bold and Beautiful because they were probably the first couple I ever wanted to be together. Currently they’re together, but it’s a soap; it’s bound to change next month. If you could pack two non-essential items for a deserted tropical island, what would they be? A massive notebook and pen. Established authors who inspire you? Susan Stoker, is a machine and an amazing person. I write in her world and she’s always there to help out. She’s also prolific and nearly every new release of her hits a list. Best thing about being a writer? Having the ability to take a normal situation and go ‘what if’ and create a completely different scenario and then taking it to the next level. Worst thing about being a writer? When the words don’t flow and the struggle to make yourself stand out. Do you prefer music, podcasts or silence when writing? Music. I’ve created a playlist which I listen to when I write. Sometimes I’ll take songs off the list and then add songs. Favourite perfume: A Tiffany fragrance my husband got me for Christmas a couple of years ago. TV/film crush: Hugh Jackman The best non-writing related prize I won was… I was at a dance at one of my kids school and it was my birthday. There was a raffle basket from the department store Macy’s. I said to my husband, I’m going to win that for my birthday and I did. It had earrings, a necklace, makeup and a gift card. Top three tips for aspiring authors? Don’t get sucked into all the talk that goes one. Do you and believe in yourself. Take the leap and don’t give up. What theme do you hope shines through in your writing? All my heroines have a career and are strong women. Proudest author moment? My second book, Bound by Her Ring, had been out a couple of weeks and I noticed I’d been tagged in a comment. The commenter had said the best book she’d read so far that year was my book. It was the best feeling. If anyone gives me flack for writing in the romance genre, I tell them… I actually haven’t come across many people who mock me for writing romance. But I’d tell them that I love being part of a billion dollar industry. My favourite thing about writing romance is… giving everyone their happy ever after and bringing joy to readers when they may need it.


Follow Nicole on the links below: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: @NicoleFlockton


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